Ashley White

Ashley White 04/05/2014 I absolutely LOVE these cakes! Belladonna' does such an amazing job meeting the needs of their clients. Truly your cake made my day so much more special. I am a lifelong client:)

Bella Donna's will help you in what ever area you need help with. From Weddings to cakes of all kinds we even do tablescapes. 

Our professionals are here for you, to make your event what ever the occasion the best it can be.

Bella Donna's orchestrates every element of the event.

LaDonna Griffin has been planning events from a young age and decided to continue in the field of decorating and event planning as an adult.

Since opening, in 2012 Bella Donna's has designed and executed more than 100 weddings and events, from small family affairs to large guest events.







La Donna Griffin, Owner and Operator

A graduate of the Mesa Community College in Interior Design,  Sheffield School of New York in Wedding and Event Planning and Scottsdale Community College as a Pastry Chef.

Bella Donna's Beautiful Events Professionals

Justin and Astra Garner

"It was like something out of a movie."


I see the stress that my friends experience in planning their wedding. I can't relate at all. Planning my wedding was such an exciting process. My wedding was so easy and fun! I can't imagine why anyone would do anything but call Bella'Donnas before planning a wedding!

Bella Donna's is a full-service Event planning and Custom cake home based company founded by LaDonna Griffin.

 Whether you are getting married or preparing for a special event, it should be a celebration that you cherish forever!  At Bella' Donnas Beautiful Events, we specialize in memorable events! Whether your vision is traditional or trendy, we have the resources to help bring together your celebrational events. We will give you a stylish and fashionable event that will not be forgotten!  Being the host of your event and the guest of honor is plenty for one day!  We take pride in being your advocate in every detail! We are here to help you see your dreams come true. 



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